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Betony Vernon considers marble to be as noble as gold and silver, the metals she privileges for the creation of her iconic functional jewellery designs. She feels that no other material embodies the metamorphic nature of our bio-sphere and the origins of life on earth better than marble. In July 2012 Vernon’s dream to work on a lager scale in marble became a reality following her first visit to the Henraux quarry on Monte Altissimo, one of the most important sources of white statuary marble in Italy and in the world. Like other artists (including Jean Arp, Henry Moore and Joan Miro’) scaling Monte Altissima in search of the perfect block of marble inspired Betony as deeply as “everything else that marble is to human civilisation. Marble endures thw destructive hands of time; art and architecture write the history of mankind in marble over centuries and millenniums. Marble is formed by violent continental collisions that occurred millions of years ago, long before humans walked the earth. And yet, there is no material that provides the artist with a greater possibility to represent the human body in detail, down the veins that seem to pulse under fine white marble skin.


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