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Double Sphere Bracelet

Double Sphere Bracelet

The Double Sphere Cock-and-Balls Bracelet embodies a delightfully discreet duality. Those who can’t resist this sleek polished design will discover that its primary function, that of adorning the wrist, is just as enjoyable as its secondary function, that of embellishing a man’s genitals.

How to adorn: In order to wear it as a bracelet, simply remove the detachable sphere, put the bracelet on and screw the sphere securely back into place. In order to explore the infinitely more intimate capacities of the Double Sphere Cock-and-Ball Bracelet, these guidelines should be followed.

  • Do not remove the detachable sphere from the Bracelet.
  • Put the jewel-tool in place, before the penis is fully erect, by carefully pulling the testicles, and then the penis into its embrace.
  • Position the spheres upwards for greater visual impact or downwards at the base of the scrotum for greater comfort during intercourse.  
  • The Double Sphere Bracelet not only embellishes your lover's “family jewels”, but ideally constricts them ever so slightly, resulting in harder & more enduring erections.

Need we say more?


Sterling Silver (925)

Approximate Weight: 

65 gr / 2.29 oz


Spheres ⌀ 21 mm 

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.
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