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Elegant Spanker

Elegant Spanker

The Elegant Spanker is hand-made in finely finished solid mahogany or cherry wood. Its anatomic sterling silver handle provides for a grip as well as overall balance that has made it a favorite of skilled aficionados of erotic spanking. For obvious reasons, the Elegant Spanker must never be used anywhere beyond the fleshy lower portion of the buttocks. Spank your submissive lover to transcendental heights. This luxurious jewel tool provides everything but 50 shades of grey.

How to Use: Always locate and make a mental note of where the tip of your lover’s tailbone lies, in order to avoid striking it at all times! Then, bend them over and proceed to cherry their sweet cheeks ever so gradually and all the more lovingly. 

Note: Refer to chapter 17 in The Boudoir Bible  “X marks the Sweet Spot” for a full initiation to erotic spanking.



Sterling Silver (925)

Approximate Weight: 

Silver 140 gr / 4.93 oz

Total 330 gr / 11.64 oz


Total length incl. cherry wood 500 mm /

17.63 in 

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.
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