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Horsetail Whip Attachment - Large

Horsetail Whip Attachment - Large

The Horsetail Whip is a versatile instrument that can be used in the context of erotic tickling and flagellation alike. When used to its full potential, the Horsetail Whip provides a distinctly pleasant and invigorating sting that flushes fresh, oxygenated blood to the areas of interest. The large Horsetail Whip Attachment is ideal for stimulating large surfaces of the body like the back, buttocks, and legs as well as more delicate zones that demand greater striking precision, like the genitals for example. Flogging has never felt this fancy.

How to Adorn: The Horsetail Whip Attachment should be worn in and beyond the boudoir in combination with the Sado-Chic Colliers, cuffs and O-rings.  

Note: See Chapter 17 of The Boudoir Bible (X marks the Sweet Spot) for a full initiation to erotic flagellation.



Sterling silver (925)

Approximate Weight: 

Silver 69 gr / 2.43 oz


The total length inc. horse hair is 450 mm

/ 17.71 in

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