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Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

These precious little clamps represent the embrace of a stylized couple. They are designed to clamp the base of the nipples as well as other highly sensitive areas of the body: the scrotum, the outer lips of the vulva or the shaft of your lover’s penis. The more flesh you take into their grasp, the more comfortable they will be. Try them out on yourself to understand their merits before inviting your well-aroused lover to submit to their grip!

How to Adorn: Clamps must never be left in place for more than 10-15 minutes. Respect this rule, even if your lover is enjoying him or herself and does not request their removal. If you wish to reduce the pressure that the clamps provide, carefully bend the section that supports the ball mechanisms backwards. 

Note: Refer to chapter 14 of The Boudoir Bible “Pushing the Threshold:Clamps” and prepare to push your boundaries!



Sterling silver (925) / 18K Gold

Approximate Weight: 

Silver 17 gr / 0.59 oz

Gold 25 gr / 0.88 oz


Total size incl. feather 34 mm / 1.33 in 

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.
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