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Petting Ring

Petting Ring

The Petting Ring best communicates the transcendental qualities of the Paradise Found Sexual Ceremony. Betony believes that in order to experience truly deep sexual satisfaction, the body, the mind and the spirit must be treated as a sexual, sensual whole. The Petting Ring represents her philosophy in the boudoir like no other “Jewel-Tool” in the Paradise Found collection. Its place in the design world was solidified by its inclusion in “The Touch Me” exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and it has since become a prized possession of BV collectors, celebrities and style icons around the world. The double ring holds the index finger and thumb in the chi mudra position--the gesture used in yoga and meditation for a one-pointed mind. A focused mind also happens to be essential to great sex, so lube up, prioritise pleasure and add a new dimension to male masturbation.

How to Adorn: Wear the ring by inserting it onto the index finger and thumb of the chosen hand, left or right. The longer and larger flat surface of the ring will dress the outside area of the hand between these two fingers while the shorter zone should rest on the inside of the hand. Order the ring for your most able hand, be it left or right or collect the pair.

Notes: The Petting Ring is available in 3 glove sizes S (6-7), M (8-9), L (10-12). Standard ladies size is S/M and mens M/L. Please remember to provide sizes for both the thumb and forefinger to ensure a perfect fit. For requests in 18K gold or sizing assistance please email contact@betonyvernon.com


Sterling Silver (925)

For requests in 18K gold please 

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Approximate Weight: 

90 g / 3.17 oz


Approx 8 cm / 3.14 in

For requests in 18K gold or sizing assistance please email contact@betonyvernon.com

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