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Sado Chic Chain Collier - Medium

Sado Chic Chain Collier - Medium

Betony coined the term “Sado-Chic” to name her first fine erotic jewelry designs in 1992. The timeless signature collection has been appreciated ever since for its symbolic and aesthetic appeal as well as its functional purpose. The Sado-Chic Chain can be ordered in custom lengths, it is a Paradise Found classic. 

How to Adorn: The Sado-Chic Chain Collier Medium is a gentleman’s favourite, it has two closures which allow it to be worn in more ways than one. The signature chain can be worn as a collier, a trouser chain and can also be used to create creative kits for collectors who have large Sado-Chic O-Rings, cuffs and colliers. The chain can be worn on it’s own or by attaching it to other Sado-Chic pieces can be shared with a lover. Being bound by someone you trust is an empowering experience. 

Note: The Sado-Chic chains can be customised by Betony at Eden in Paris by making a bespoke appointment. The chains can be personalised to make harnesses, belts, body chains, leashes and anything else that you may desire.


Sterling Silver (925)

Approximate Weight: 

Sterling Silver 120 g / 4.2 oz


51cm l

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