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String of Pearls Massage Ring

String of Pearls Massage Ring

The String of Pearls Massage Ring is a Paradise Found favorite. Worn day to night, it’s the perfect item to transition office attire to cocktail party chic. Its luminous beauty is not only intended to make a fashion statement, it’s no secret that those in the know prize it for bringing a luxurious dimension to intimate massage.

How to Adorn: Designed to please both women and men, it should be worn on the middle finger of your most able hand, swivel the pearls toward the palm of your hand and experience a world of adventurous foreplay.

Note: For heightened pleasure, the use of lubricant will help the pearls glide effortlessly over the delicate and sensitive skin of the genitals.


18K Gold / Sterling Silver (925)

Natural salt water pearls


Seven natural salt water pearls from

⌀ 8 / 9 mm to 5 / 6 mm

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