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Veneration Peacock Tickler

Veneration Peacock Tickler

The Veneration Peacock Feather Tickler is Betony’s most prized erotic tickling tool, not only because of it’s alluring appearance but it’s power to pleasure as well. The premium quality peacock feathers are carefully selected to ensure a lifetime of sweet sensations. The sterling silver handle was inspired by the beauty of both the female and male sexes and was hand-crafted by a Florentine master of repouseé, an anciet technique in peril due to technology today. The handle is double faced and presents the female sex and male sex on either side. Its power to stroke more than the imagination should not be underestimated.. Peacock feathers have a structure that allows for maximum coverage when caressing different surfaces of the body, these unique sensations could never be provided by the hands alone.

How to Use: Warm your lover up by stroking the less sensitive areas of the body first, for example the back and the buttocks – then proceed to tantalize more sensitive zones like the neck, the breasts, the inner thighs and the feet with erotic intent. There is not a single area of the body that cannot be caressed with the Veneration Peacock Tickler.

Note: Avoid using oils with this product. See chapter 13 in The Boudoir Bible “The Touch of a Feather” for a full initiation to erotic tickling.


Sterling silver & Peacock Feathers

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237 g / 8.4 oz

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