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Why Knot Collier

Why Knot Collier

The multi purpose Why Knot design is part of the new edition to the Paradise Found Fine Erotic collection, Noble Knots. The series is inspired by Shibari, the art of Japanese erotic bondage, and crafted with a sterling silver or 18 karat gold weave that duplicates to precious perfection the enigmatic beauty of bondage rope. The Why Knot Collier is crowned with Betony’s Sado-Chic ball-and-ring mechanism that symbolizes the ultimate bond, with oneself or another, as well as representing the key to the transformative power of the designers favorite jewels. Powerful, bold and provocative, the Why Knot Collier transitions with elegant ease from behind-closed-doors to the explicitly visible and celebrated. The silver version of the Why Knot Collier is rhodiated in order to complete a precious bi-color palette that will never suffer the uncomly effects of oxidation. 

How to Adorn: This unique jewel offers a wide array of possibilities both as a jewel and as a tool. The metallic weave provides a unique grip that permits it to be worn high on the neck as a stunning “guillotine” choker or even on the thigh as a provocative garter. It may also be worn as a satoire, bolo necktie or simply as a necklace. The slide mechanism permits you to wear it almost anywhere that suits your fancy. When worn on the wrist or even as a ring the sensational impact of this object reveals itself in the guise of a miniature instrument for erotic flagellation. Carefully strike the muscular areas of your lovers body with the silver or gold spheres that terminate the precious rope. Those who enjoy pushing limits may find themselves playing more intimate games. Last but certainly not least this BV design can also be used as a “stud” -cock and ball play has never been more elegant.


Sterling Silver (925)

18K Gold

Approximate Weight: 

48 g / 1.7 oz

65 g / 2.3 oz


Total rope length 80 cm / 31.5 in

Price includes Import Duties/VAT.
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